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bunsofsteel (profile) wrote,
on 10-13-2005 at 6:07pm
i remember looking out the window. and it being dark outside. not nioghtime dark. but weather dark. and the snow covered the trees. and i remember thinking to myself.. am i ever going to get out of here?
the windows were bullet proff. not getting out there.
the doors were locked. no such luck.
but if i was good, i got a pass.
and my mother would be so suprised that i would run away from her.. that isk if she would even chase me or not. i was ready to jump into a spirt at any second. and then a girl walked by with her mother holding her arm very tight. and i knew i couldnt make my mom do that with me. so we went out. we ate. and i didnt run.
we walked over to the gym the next day. and i tryed not to make it noticable that i was stairing at the big walls looking for an imperfection in the seemingly perfact cage i was in. but none could be found.
people claimed to hear voices yelling at them.
people kicked and screamed.
the quiet rooms were always full.
but i would sit and observe.
and they would try and be friends to me. but i didnt want that. all i wanted was to sleep away the rest of my sentence in that hell hole. you'd think it was a jail the way im talking about it.
but to me, that exsactly what it was.
you call it phych ward.
i call it hell.
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