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smilesideways (profile) wrote,
on 10-14-2005 at 7:00pm
dressed to kill with nowhere to go but over the rainbow. But we never made of habit of the usual. So with burnt tights and cloves on our breath we defend our reputaion of wonder and all conclusions ending with a smile. All night we recreated the resurrection of life with our compassionate coated smiles and forgiving laughter, knowing we all have useless baggage. We realized, graced with our imaginations, we can start anywhere and get far enough to know what happy means. Lacking direction but contagious with ambition we burned that night among the stars and let our consious state fade into the background while raw personalities flashed along with my camera. Taking tiny hidden jokes in still frames. Off beat music breathing our exact mood. We are going to get far from here. Promises made in our heads with no intention of ever looking back. Tonight screamed the words that we all longed to hear all our lives...."we were made to matter."

old school...
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