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kunta (profile) wrote,
on 10-13-2005 at 8:40pm
Current mood: sleepy
Music: HIM - The Face of God
Subject: hmmm
ok so I've gotten myself into this new thing non-sense.
everyone seemed to be doing it and I indeed was bored enough to jump on the bandwagen. So I've been doing a search throughout there achives and I tell ya, I never knew there were so many beautiful girls in my area. Its simply amazing, I'd actually like to get to know some of them better.

nothing much going on in kunta's life, work is about it, still being a lonely guy. Nothing exciting at work either, Im due for a good call here soon, maybe a 8 car pile up or something. Well its almost 9 o clock and I gotta get up at 3am so Im off to watch some tv and fall into some dreams.
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