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ladymcgrady (profile) wrote,
on 10-13-2005 at 8:15pm
Current mood: lonely
Subject: I feel so alone :(
I am going to lose it soon :( i cant take it anymore...parents fighting every day about the same stupid thing, saying the same stupid things...and mom just keeps saying she's sick of this and one of these days i'm afraid that she's really gonna get fed up and leave...and i dont want her to obviously but if it stops the fighting then maybe itz for the better...i dunno i'm just tired of scares me to see people who have never fought before to have come to this after so many makes me question things and it makes me afraid of the future and thats not good...i'm insecure enough the way it is without having to worry about sumthin like that...but thatz what i do when sumthin gets in my head, i worry...and then i got Bobby who for some reason is having a horrible time at school but he wont tell me whatz wrong...i mean maybe it is nothing specific and just general class stuff but he isnt really talking to me much these days and i dunno what to do to make him happy again :( i just want everyone to be happy cuz i wuz finally happy and feeling good about my life and then it all crashes down around me :'( i'm ready to just leave, find my own place and move out, i just cant be around my parents when they're like this, itz not good for my mental state but i dunno how to snap them out of it...i'm just gonna go off on them one of these days and that probably wont turn out well, but i dunno else to do, i wanna help them and i wanna help Bob and i just dont know what to do :(
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