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alastar (profile) wrote,
on 10-13-2005 at 9:12pm
Music: The Mars Volta - The Widow
Subject: Results

I'm pulling a pickaxe and shovel through graveyard dirt to gather all of your ghosts.

I'm running parasitic eyes and fingers across skin, leaving a trail of black on the hosts.

I'm dragging a barbed wire net through an abyss of boiling tar and memories.

I'm tugging fishing line and hooks through a lake of daydream nightmare reveries.

I'm scratching and biting with tooth and nail against your guns and knives with bullets and blades.

I'm licking every wound and naming the future scars after you and all my best mistakes.

I'm rolling rocks and snowballs down this mountain side, trying to cause an avalanche.

I'm swimming through fire, gravel, and sand to a distant island formed of volcanic ash.

This will be over soon. It'll all be over soon.
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