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leonardiddy (profile) wrote,
on 10-13-2005 at 6:35pm
Current mood: ick
Music: theres some random melody in my head, dont know if its real
Subject: last night
tara and i saw one bad movie that put us into a bad movie frenzy. it was a history of war and it looked mildly interesting, not exactly what we were looking for but definitely better than all other options. also it got an okay review online i thought but i need to check that out again. yeah about 2/3 of the reviews are good, 1/3 say its horrible. anyways it was ORRIBILE. wont go into it because i could rant till the cows came home and i think that would take a while. but at the end of the movie we burst into laughter and clapped, and then decided we needed to see more bad movies. (we also decided we needed to write a screenplay about gay mobsters).

blockbuster sucks. they had barely any movies from the 80s so it took quite a while to find anything worthwhile, but then we picked Senorita Justice and Hard Cash because it had people floating in lava on the back cover, but it turned out to just be the reflection of fire on water. so, lame. waste of time. but senorita you must all see that.

now how could i have forgotten about gigli? i still need to see that...
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