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silentcriez (profile) wrote,
on 10-15-2005 at 12:59am
you dont have any worries
about where they are
or what they feel
cuz all that matters is that second
when you just laying next to eachother
and time just seems to fade off
like the rest of the world
when your together
the house your in could fall
and the entire world could be closing in
but when you turn to see their face
you forget and rember you safe
and how hes gonna keep the walls
from falling on you
even if the walls did come tumbling down
it wouldnt matter anyways
because what you shared in that second
is more precious
than any material possession
nothing else matters
you look around and see all the walls
and the world just burning
everyone running around crazy
with drama
and he grabs your hand
and walks you through it
on a path that has no bumps
then you relize your not walkin at all
your still in bed hugging
its been four hours
and hes still there
hours which passsed like seconds,
trailing off into a dusty bed of memories.
eyes heavy,
breath steady,
hearts beating..
the superficial veil of a world
melts away under the blankets.
and your eyes closed now,
holding tighter to one another
you hear nothing
except his heart beat with yours
beating as one
and you feel something
greater than any feeling in the world
the feeling of knowing your wanted
your needed
something more powerful than hate,
and deeper than lust
something that cant be bought or made
someting that had to be shared
something thats pure
and never touched
your almost scared
its almost too much
its overwhelming
but you listen,
and you flow along
with the cadence of the moment
like two parts of a song coming together
void when played alone,
together create music like no other
create an emotion
running deep within your veins
lost in a moment
looking in your eyes


i need your drug to live
you need to heal my addiction
Loving and the caring for that person
that you experience.
Their pains become yours, their joys are shared.
routine days become void without their smile
are empty without their kiss like a drug
like i need you to be sane
to be normal to feel right
you feel not real with out them
like your in a movie
like everythings just fake
and your living your days
waiting for them to return to the way they were
and every one is on fast forward
and you cant keep up
your falling down,
falling behind, everythings moving forward
as you regress
your slowing, and the worlds moving faster
spinning with no regards to you
and you need your drug,
you need you toxins to get by
like some one has erased only half of you
form the paper
you look down and you cant see your body
cuz he was you
taking what they wanted,
and leaving bewhind an empty shell
washed up on the shore
waiting till you gave them everything,
to take it all.. and leave you empty handed
building you up to let you fall so fast
your hurt is seen by all
a once hidden fear comes crying all too loudly
bleeding through your ears
like all the wasted time
and all the wasted words
all the night with out sleep cryin for him
something he'll never even hear
a cry heard only to those who have loved and lost
those who can embody you,
and feel your breaking heart
whove tasted the bitter salts of deciet
the tempting fireds of desire
and the sweet of sudden romance
but your too scared to tell them
so you put on a mask to hide for a while
a day at most so ppl will believe
that your fine
and can go on
your living your days alone,
when in a crowd of people
trusting no one
feeling empty in a room of smiling faces
decieving faces
the faces blurr,
and you cant see very well,
you dont know whats real
and what youve conceived inside your mind
what you want to believe
and whats really in front of you
you start to trip over your own feet
and right when your about to hit the ground
his hand grabs you pick you up
brush you off and walk away
in a haze you wave goobye
but as you do
some one new, fresh, comes up
and grabs his hand
the one you once held on to in the rain
and he smiles the same way he smiled for you
for her
and your whole world goes black
suddenly he hits the pause button,
and holds my breaking heart in his hands
im frozen in this moment,
and i see an icey stare
that hovers over your expression
some sort of want some sort of need,
if you want to leave then go,
what tie holds you back here?
something must have called you,
something must have tempted you
did you see it in her?
did you feel it when you kissed her?
or did you see my eyes?
did you feel my skin
when you touched through taste
he came back for that moment
to let you know that he has moved on
and slowly puts your heart back on the ground
wet and slowly beating, not normal
does he not feel?
how could he turn you off like a tv
he has to know what feelings you felt
and how strong they were
your world slows down,
then suddening reverses,
you watch the words on the screen,
seeing your tears played out in movie form..
your rewound back trailing through time,
and suddenly its stops.
Loving and the caring for that person
that you experience.
Their pains become yours,
their joys are shared.
and again i need your drug to live
you need to feed my addiction..
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