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alastar (profile) wrote,
on 10-15-2005 at 12:24am
Subject: Eyes blurred and closed.

Hit pause, rewind.

Back was the first thing to rise. Brain soaked up blood from matted hair and tile like a sponge, and pieces of bone worked themselves back into position in the skull. Skin stitched itself together. Head followed a crooked neck followed a broken back off of the floor. With torso in the air, thighs and arms followed and drug feet and hands across the tile. Body spun and unwrapped itself from the shower curtain. Hooks snapped back around the metal rod which unbent itself straight and fixed itself back into the wall. Shampoo flowed back into the bottles leapt back onto the shelves and arms and hands followed them. Knees unbuckled and body untwisted. Water flew up out of the drain back into the shower head as feet hit the bottom of the bathtub. Body, waist, and neck straightened. Head turned toward the window.

Eyes opened and refocused.

What was that? What did I see out of that window?
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