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Beagle147 (profile) wrote,
on 10-16-2005 at 12:35am
Current mood: impressed
Subject: Elizabethtown: A Heck Of A Place To Find Yourself.
Today was really fun. Kim came into town on the GMG bus yesterday, and today we woke up at SEVEN AM to go with the prevet club to the horse retirement home. Angie came too to see the horsies. We ended up spending a few hours grooming and feeding horses. It was so fun. I even managed to clean the hooves! I thought it was going to be an impossibility, but I'm really proud to say that I cleaned like 4 horses' hooves today (that's 16 hooves)! Also, Angie tried to kill me with a golf cart, and we got some cool pictures with our favorite horse. All you non-high school kids check facebook for the pic! After the horseys we went over to check out Will's appartment, and then I switched out Emil's car (don't ask) for ours, and we went to lunch at McAlister's. Mmmm...chili in a bread bowl. We went from there to buy our movie tickets for tonight. Elizabethtown! We dropped Angie off and came back to hume to rest for a while, then kim and I went on a campus tour, but everything was closed. Apparently no one likes Saturday afternoons. But we got some freshens and headed over to watch the bats take off. Craziness and thousands of bats. We SNAPed over to hume and watched Care Bears until we left for the movie. We picked up Angie at lakeside and made a starbucks run. I think some guy got really confused, and he took my drink. So I waited there for like 10 minutes before actually saying anything. It ended up well though, because not only did I get my drink right then, but the girl gave me a free coupon for any size any drink! Sweet! I'm saving it for exam week. x_x Because of the starbucks snaffoo, we ended up getting to the movie only like 5 minutes in advance, so we had to sit in the fourth row, which was ok, because the screen wasn't very high. The movie (Elizabethtown...yay Orlando Bloom) was amazing. It was one of those make you think life changing movies. I recommend it for anyone willing to sit through 2 hours of wtf for 15 minutes of o.o ....whoa. That was awesome. It ranks very high up there on my list. But it's definitely a love it or hate it movie. Consider yourself warned.

Thought I'd post about my fun day. Regressing back to last night for a few minutes, we went over to gator nights after dinner at chipotle. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was playing. We aimed for the 9:00 show but couldn't get seats, so we left and went to walmart and came back for the 11:30 showing. When we came back the gator stress place had a booth set up. I am all about free stuff. We took pens and highlighters and I got a stress ball, and between us we took over 30 condoms. They told us to take as much as we wanted!! To be fair, Angie took 27. Some of them are flavored! The movie was good (again) and we kinda crashed afterwards. Waking up this morning was not fun. But it was worth it.

All right, kiddies, I have to go. I'll leave you with the wtf moment of the evening:
Will: would you, or any of your friends, be interested in playing co-ed 4-vs-4 flag football in the spring with me, Burke, Mike and maybe a couple other people? if so, let me know. ok bye.
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