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breezeyluvsu (profile) wrote,
on 10-18-2005 at 6:04pm
Current mood: listless

Okay, So as if last night wasn't bad enough for me. God does this:

In school today this BITCH was just ..... omg. yeah ash. I said it omg. She was talking so much ... bullshit about me like 2 feet away. As if i couldn't hear her. I turn around and say something like hey grow up and do this on your own time. I turn around *this was in the gym* and she threw a basketball at the back of my head.


So i was going to the principals office because i cussed her out and the teacher sent me there and i was like ya know... The lunch bell just rang im going home. Got here. Hung out for a bit. Calmed myself down, when my mom and brother come home. I was like "WTF?"

*He's supposed to be gone* and brandon was crying, you can tell my mom had been crying and I was laying there like.. uhh hey brandon, what are you doing here and my mom said that "Granny", my childhood grandma pretty much died this morning. I was really, really fighting tears on this one. Right then and there i stopped talking, faced the wall, and i wanted to scream. I didnt even know what to say to that. My mom took my brother to the showing thats why he hasnt left yet. He is taking a later flight which means my mom will have to drive him to lansing tomorrow to catch it. THe funeral is tomorrow. It makes me so mad, everyone called her granny, except me. To me she was my gramma. I was her punkin. I hate this. I really, hate it all. My brother called me about 10 minutes ago crying his heart and soul out to me. Then we were this big, crying mess and my god. THings change so fast. I just saw her maybe a month ago. SHe was doing so great. I cant finish.
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