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kellilynn21 (profile) wrote,
on 10-18-2005 at 9:18pm
Current mood: tired
Music: [My Humps- BEP]
Subject: [Why Cant It Just Be Friday?]
I just got back from shopping with the lovely Kari Ann. It was fun. I <3 hanging out with her. She makes me giggle.

Has anyone felt like yesterday or today feels like Friday? Yesterday felt so much like a Friday, and today KINDA did.

So yesterday after school I went to Jordan’s, Duh. We had a Disney day. We watched Aristocats (sp). I loved it. I named my fish, well its not MY fish because its in her fish tank, but I got to name it. I names it Tulus (sp) from the kitty on Aristocats. I love Jordan. She’s like the only one that I would watch a Disney movie like that with and not feel retarded at laughing at the movie.

So yeah this weekend: probably the Forest Of Fear with Brianna and Jordan and more then likely Joey and Dan… Mmm well maybe I shouldn’t go. Kinda seems like 5th wheel to me but idk. I’ll figure it out lol.

Always: Saturday is my DrIvErS tEsT. Im scared shitless. Pray for me!

<3 .kell$.

*14 Days*
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