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wiredshut (profile) wrote,
on 10-19-2005 at 4:48pm
Current mood: bouncy
Music: slunt
Subject: bowling and lots of other babble.
Bowling. Who doesnt love it hey?? i love it!!!!!!! we had "fund raising day" today and me, clare, laura, sally, vicky and becky went in a team. was great. i came second twice. (damn that vicky she was too good!) all ive been doing is laughing like a maniac all day. have i ever mentioned how much i laugh?? well ill say this- and its an understatement- i laugh a lot. way too much probably but who cares. also i have a funny laugh that seems to make others laugh which is a good thing i guess. im slightly asthmatic (v.slightly) and when i laugh i always run out of breath and have to drag in a really loud breath that usually is high pitched and this makes people laugh.(sometimes i do it on perpose just to make people laugh) i have to start my diet soon. thinking of getting slimming pills and seeing if they help. friends said they do. sarah agrees that i would be better looking if i were thinner which i know is obviously true. i think maybe i could even be a bit pretty if i were thin. well, not thin, just thinner.
im feeling really giddy from having a nice day. i have decided to put one fact about myself every time i write an entry in an attempt to get to know myslf better.

-i am a natrally quiet person but act loud around loud people or if the people around me are too quiet or upset.
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