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lovelykittykat16 (profile) wrote,
on 10-19-2005 at 12:04am
Current mood: accomplished
Music: Disturbed - Stupify
Subject: Taks...Die
Ok so i took my taks test today, Woot. I hope i passed cuz i dont wanna take that shit again! Ugh! i cant wait to be done with school. Oh yea and im not sure of why but im still angry with brady, something about how he said what he said to me just has kept me steamed and thinkin of him just makes it worse but i guess i can say it shall help me get over his bitch ass. Im sick of Loving him and knowing he loves someone else. its a fucking Bitch to be in pain 24 hours a day 7 days a week. i just want to feel happy again. Find a good sweet and Kind Guy like him, Which i know is hard but im only looking for someone perfect i guess. Trey wants to date me so he says and i found out last week that im lucky he didnt cum in me...Cuz i coulda gotten pregnant by his fuckin Bitch ass. lying Sack of shit! neways though, im not really angry im just bored lol. so ya, i get to Get out of School today, Leave straight for Tracys house, Then go get smokes, Then go and take tim home. Lastly then i am Taking Tracy to her Probation officer. Fun stuff huh? So i found out that Cody or Jo has stolen my money and im pissed but Cody gave me 6 bucks. So i dont know, they both are pointing Fingers but then they both apologized to me about it. So ya....Well thats all i guess. Later.
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