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spacietraci (profile) wrote,
on 10-19-2005 at 1:31pm
so i received this phone call yesterday from kurtis , he wanted to inform me that he got a full time job at one of the factories in town. he seemed very excited and everything so i was happy for him. we talked about a whole 6 minutes i think it was, nothing to thrililng he was just alll excited and telling me about all the health benefits that he is going to receive. but how is someone supposed to respond to that when you havent talked to him in like twoo months, i was just kinda like ummm thats cool, i mean i know he wanted me to be all excited for him... i guess its a big step into moving on and trying to grow up. '
so now josh is back to worring about me going and hangin out with kurt, he believes thats all i do, when its not so again i lost the trust issue and its really starting to bug me. i cant help who calls me. so i guess its going to be a interesting couple of days a nyways. because he doesnt trust me anyways because of a phone call i couldnt help from happening. sometimes i wonder if its really worth all of this??? '
Nick is coming home this weekend i am sooo excited i have missed him sooo much. he has to come and get his new car that his mom and dad got hi m, but im just cant wait till saturday well sunday because i dont have to work..

well back to doin nothing today.. talk to everyone soon.
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