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blacktears844 (profile) wrote,
on 10-20-2005 at 11:00am
Current mood: bored
Whoa man, I haven't been here in 45489456 years.
I just found out I could still log into this thing. It's all like LOLUHAV2PAY now. =(

Does anyone still use theirs?
Anyways, I'm sitting in class right now, bored to death, and really really wanting a chicken sandwich. I still have a half hour til lunch, and it's driving me crazy.
Should I give an update?
Ok, umm...I have really red hair now. Not like the orangish crap I had before, now it's straight up red.
I got me a boyfriend, which I'm not sure if I put in here or not. But yesterday was our 8 month anniversary. Yeah, it's serious.
I really want a chicken sandwich. Like you didn't know that.
I think that's about all that's changed.

Well drop me a line, people, I wanna figure out who's still here.
I kinda missed this thing.

Love, Sarah.
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