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brokenmentality (profile) wrote,
on 10-21-2005 at 1:53pm
i love when nobodys home and i can just relax and take a shower and not worry about whats going on outside my house.

im going to the game and dance tonight with the girls.. then afterwards i think we're gonna watch both ring movies cuz brandis never seen them. im preparing myself for the nightmares.... in case you dont know.. i DONT watch scary movies. these are single 2 scary movies i think i've ever seen. and YES they're scary! lol... maybe other people didnt think so, but to me there are dead people and mirrors... *shivers...

tomorrow is my keegan day. he has to work a double at logans today... mmmm, but its ok. i kind of wish he was comming to the game with me since its the last one... but he's got a car payment due next week, so i understand.. he's so cool. i love that. :)

well.. i guess i dont have much of anything to say. see ya'll at the game i spose.
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