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lovelykittykat16 (profile) wrote,
on 10-24-2005 at 11:59am
Current mood: sick
Music: Eminem - Hailies song
Subject: illness and New guy!
ok so over the weekand, i went out on Friday night to have some fun with my buddy Travis, Im scared to tel him but when we went up to the Hooka Bar, I met this guy named Daniel, He saw me greet with the guy, i had never met him before in my life. So then i took Travis home and Daniel called me. I talked to him for a little bit and then went to sleep. Well the nex day, he called me and i told him after my brothers wedding we could hang out. There was a bunch of fun with Tracy being at the wedding with me, To help me from being bored the whole time. Then my uncle was there and my aunt (which she danced with me while she was drunk and yelled in my ear, literally) then my grandma, and my moms cousins...So ya know. I dont even know lol. But neways so the wedding was a smash and then i went to Jeans, picked him up, Then took tracy home, Took him back home (he needed his check cashed) Then i left and drove to the Hooka Bar. Which was tons of fun. I sat around there with Daniel and Michael. Then i told them i was going to be back in a little bit, i was trying to get my check and get it cashed. But ya know....Neways, So Daniel came with me. He asked me, "on a scale of 1 to 10, what do you think of me?" i told him "as of right now your a ten...what about me?" he replied so perfectly "your over a ten" and he asked me some more questions, then he finally asked me "so uh will you go out with me?" and of coarse i said yes. Then since then we were making out like crazy, he tried to go further but i have more respect then that. We've just had some touchin and grabbin, Thats about all. Then i went home a little bit later, after visiting Tracy again. Then yesterday i woke up, asked my mom if i could go to Astroworld and that was a yes, Got 25$ from her. Then i left to get my check and get it cashed. Woot. Lastly i called Cody, Met up with him and thats when my Weekand Began to Really rise, just such a great weekand! woot! So then i called my now boyfriend! Woot! its so fun saying that! Well he got to come with us and we left on our trip to astroworld. When we got there though, It was so crowded, we got stuck in dead traffic for 30 minutes, It was gay! lol Well not gay but Retarded! Then we decided to go to the Galleria instead. Which was fun. We eat subway and then i found out a secret about my bf, im not saying what, for thoughs who know are my best friends. I trust them with my life so. Blah! neways though.... Whats to say, i had a great last night too, i hung out at the hooka again. With Daniel, Cody, jackie, Michael, Jackies bf, and Erik! Woot! So ya....i saw Jackie Nekked, Made out with her, AND she licked my nipple....o.o!!! Then everyone loved my ass cuz its as hard as a rock. So ya, Thn cody left and a little later we all left, I took Daniel home and met his mom, she is sweet. lastly we said our goodbyes and made out for like 10 minutes, i could tell he didnt wanna let me go. i feel the Sparks between us. Its so great. But ya, then Jackie came home with me and she met my mom and talked to her, Then we went to sleep and came to school this morning. The end....G'bye!

P.s. During all of this fun stuff, I called Brady to try to fix things with us, i shouldnt have though cuz he just pissed me off. I wish you would have just listened to me Brady. Ill always love you but i think the pain is finally gone, There is one day we could be back together but ive finally moved on....later.
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