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lovelykittykat16 (profile) wrote,
on 10-26-2005 at 12:00am
god i cant figure out why but im so pissed off at Jackie, im going to go fucking Crazy. So all week she has been saying, She dont do this or she dont do that cuz shes an "Adult" now. Bullshit, im sorri but your fucking a child and you will always be as long as you act like that bullshit. Omg. i mean she dont do nuthin no more and shes always pissed off. i had fun i know i wasnt an adult but you know what...ugh....she is just pissing me the fuck off. i mean she sits there and acts like a 5 yr old all the time, then she bitches cuz she has no money or a home, Thats her own fucking choice, and people if i acted like that then please, Slap the shit out of me. I need it for talkin like that if i did. I know im no adult yet but im a hell of alot closer then she is. Peace out yalls. oh ya and i started my first payment toward my class ring. i owe 256.35 still on my ring. i cant wait to get it, im so Excited! hehehe. And i miss my new boyfriend, ive only spent like 36 hours away from him and im already going crazy without him. Hes awesome! lol. well thats all i guess, besides that hes sooooo cute...=D!!!!!
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