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lovelykittykat16 (profile) wrote,
on 10-27-2005 at 9:12am
Current mood: pleased
Music: none
Subject: Daniel....heh...
Wow i dont know what it is about this boi but he is so great to me, he is sweet, attractive, and he loves to be with me. he understood me when i said there might be a day when i will love him. He wants me too but he and i both know its too soon but i mean my god! i really like him if anything. i feel something more for him then i usually do for the boyfriends i get around here. i dont want to say i love him now cuz that shall Jenx me like it always ill continue to say i like him alot. He knows that i have bounderies right now, but we can make out all the time hahaha. That was fun last night, i spent time with him and i didnt want to leave him. its weird though that i finally find someone and Trey is coming back into town, i dont know what to tell him. i dont want him to know because he thinks hes going to be with me. i just hope he finds a girl within a few days of showing up. Damn....i am scared that he will flip out when he finds out i have a boyfriend now. SORRI TREY!!!! He dont treat girls right so i shouldnt be with him ever neways. Besides that, if i had said no to Daniel, i dont know what my mood would be....but yea. So i really like my boyfriend he is cute, blue eyes, dark hair, 5'9 i think, maybe 139lbs, thin but not skinny and almost 17....blah i know for thoughs of you who hate dating younger but you know what, it happens so blah! lates yall!
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