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xxinterrupted (profile) wrote,
on 10-28-2005 at 10:05pm
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[The Basics]
Full name: Jena Maria Pust
Date of birth: 1-27-88
Gender: Female
Location: PA
Ethnicity: White
Zodiac sign: Aquarius.
Reason for taking survey: Bored, something to get being ditched AGAIN off my mind..

[Going Deeper]
If any, name any phobias you have: None that I know of.
Do you drink: Sometimes.
Do you smoke: No.
If any, what drugs have you done: Just smoked some weed.
Now do the same for your family: USA
Are you a junk food person or a healthy eater: Both.
Living arrangements: I live with my Aunt and Uncle.
Name any pets you have: None anymore..
Siblings: Two sisters Samantha and Anna.. and one brother Dustin, all who I miss very much.
Do you like your school: Do you like getting shot in the head? I donít think so.
What is your favourite class: Career and Office Applications
What is your least favourite: I like all my classes.
What genre of movie do you prefer: Drama.
Are you into self categorization? No, I dress/act different all the time.

Time of the year: Spring/Fall.
Friend: I donít pick favorites.
Family member: I love most of my family, [[with a few exceptions]] I donít have any favs.
Animal: None.
Sweet food: Depends on my mood.
Colour: Green.
Sitcom: Desperate Housewives, Greys Anatomy, Nip Tuck.
Cartoon: Scooby Doo.
TV channel: TNT
Pastime: Being with Jim
Drug: uhh.. none anymore.
Magazine: Cosmo
Games console: PS2.
Swear word: Fuck.
Ice-cream flavour: Oreo.
Clothing brand, if any: Anything from Delias.
Store: Delias.
Place to relax: Jims
Place to shop: South Hills Village.
Place to party: Wherever.

[Do you believe in..]
God: Sometimes.
A counter-god, or devil: Yeah.
Reincarnation: No.
The Soul: Not really..
Evolution: Somewhat.
Angels: Somewhat.
Karma: YES
Do you celebrate Christmas: Yes.
How do you celebrate your birthday: Depends..
What is your religion: Iím not religious.
Does your family have any special customs: No.
Have you ever converted from another religion or atheism: No.
Are you a vegetarian: No.

[For the Older Kids, Sex!]
Are you a virgin: No
If applicable, did you like your first time: Yes..
Ever given head: Yes.
Ever done anal: Haha, yes.
Does S&M appeal to you: No.
Do you watch pornography: Yes.
How often do you masturbate: I donít.
Ever had sex while drunk: Yes.
Do you regret any sexual incidents that occurred on your part: No.
Do you consider yourself sexually attractive: No.
Favourite sexual position: I have many.
Tell us about any of your personal beliefs regarding sex: I just feel you should only have sex with someone you love.. not just anyone whoís there.

[Your Love Life]
Are you in a relationship right now: No..
Describe your current, or most recent relationship: It was great, until I ruined it.
Are you, or have you ever been in love: Yes.
What's your sexual orientation: Straight.
Are you, or do you plan on getting married: Yeah, someday.
Do you believe in soul-mates: Yes.
Do you think long-distance love is possible: No.
Could you see yourself being unfaithful: No.
What do you notice about the opposite sex first: Hair.
Biggest turn-offs: Yucky teeth.
Taller or shorter than you: Taller.
Ever broken someone's heart: Yes.
Has someone ever broken yours: Everyday anymore.
Do/would you have children: I have a child.

[Your Bad Side]
Do you steal, or have you stolen: Yes [I have]
If so, was it from a store or a person you know: Yes.
Have you been intimate with someone else's significant other: No.
Do you take advantage of other peoples' kindness: No.
Have you lied to your parents: Yes.
Do you get jealous easily: YES. I fucking hate it.
Do you have a bad temper: Oh God, yes.
Have you ever made someone cry: Yes.
Ever physically hurt someone: Yes.
Do you consider yourself racist: No.
Must you always seek vengeance: HAhaha, yes.

[This or That]
Alcohol or Marijuana: Alcohol.
Coca-Cola or Pepsi: Coke.
A quiet evening at home or a wild night out: Depends on my mood.
Extreme intelligence or unbelievable beauty: Half and half.
A permanent, stable relationship or an insane sex life: A permanent, stable relationship.
Christmas without gifts, or Christmas without everything else: Without gifts
Rock or Rap: Rock.
The ability to fly or the ability to be invisible: Be invisible.
Hearing or seeing: Not sure.
Depression or anxiety: Theyíre both terrible.. so.. neither, please.
Immortality without the ability to die, or mortality: Mortality.
Death by freezing, or burning: Freezing.
Death by suffocation or being stabbed: Stabbed.
Lots of acquaintances or a few close friends: Few close friends.
To be a singer or an actor/actress: Actress
Eternal day or eternal night: Night.
X-Ray vision or psychic abilities: Psychic abilities.
Sweet or savory: Sweet.
To never sleep or to never eat: Never eat.
To eat as much as you want or to sleep as much as you want: Sleep as much as I want.
World domination or infinite knowledge of all things: Knowledge of all things.
Britney Spears or Christina Aguilera: Neither, thanks.
Bush or Kerry: Bush
To resort to cannibalism or to die: Die.

[The Last]
Person you talked to: Jim.
Person you argued with: Jim.
Person you hugged: Jim.
Person you kissed: Jim.
Person you texted: Chuck.
Person you had sex with: Jim
Phone call: Jim.
Thing you ate: Pepperoni Pizza.
Thing you drank: Orange Juice.
Time you showered: This afternoon.
Time you told someone you loved them: When I got off the phone with Jim about 3 hours ago..
Time someone said they loved you: Yesterday.
Time you laughed: Last night.
Time you vomited: This morning.
Paycheck: Thursday.
Time you had sex: Yesterday.
TV show you watched: Law and Order SVU.
Song you listened to: I donít remember.
Movie you watched: The Truman Show.
Dream you had: Me running into a tree and dying.
Time you got drunk: Long time ago.
Party you went to: Long time ago.
Item of clothing you bought: Not sure.
Person you would sleep with: Jim.

[Have You Ever Been Called]
Bitch: Yes, all the time.
Bastard: Not that I know of.
Beautiful: Yes, by Jim
Talented: No.
A waste of space: Yes
Liar: All the time..
Geek: No.
Nerd: No.
Loser: Yes.
Peculiar: No.
Intelligent: Yes.
Skinny: Yeah.
Fat: Yeah.
Pretty: Yes.
Preppy: No.
Goth: No.
Emo: No.
Grunger: No.
Fiend: No?
Innovative: No.
Weirdo: No.
Stupid: Yep.
Retarded: Yes.
Annoying: Yes..
Freak: Yes..
Brat: Yes a long time ago.
Cute: Yes.
Interesting: Yep.
Boring: Yes.
Slut: Uh huh.
Whore: Yes.
Skank: Yes.
Asshole: Yeah.
Shitface: Don't think so.
Ugly: Yeah.
Disgusting: Yep.
Shithead: Don't think so.
Cock: No.
Tit: No.
Twat: No.

[Totally Random]
Tell us the first thing you'd do with a million dollars: Build a house for me, Jim and Gabby to live in right next to my Aunt and Uncle.
Why is the sky blue: I forget.. there is some logical reason.
Do you consider yourself to be romantic: Yes.
What's the best thing somebody has ever said about you: That I was the most beautiful thing in the world..
What do you think of P.E.T.A: I don't know what that is.
What do you think of South Park: Used to be funny, now itís just old.
Do you like candles: Love them.
Do you think emo people are idiots: No.
Do you think goths are idiots: No.
Do you think people who take ridiculously long surveys are idiots: Haha.
Do you believe men and women are truly equal: Yeah.
Do you read books very much: Yes.
Do people consider you to be a bookworm: No.
Describe your mother: No thanks.
What's one thing you would change about your body: I wish I was skinny.
Would you kill one child to save the lives of 1000 children: Never..
What one thing would a person have to do to deserve death: Rape someone.
The most romantic thing somebody's ever done for you: Jim would send me flowers for no reason..
Do you use bittorrent: What's that?
What P2P programs do you use: I just play Jims.
Have you ever skydived: Nope.
List three things you want to do before you die: Be happy [with Jim], Make sure Gabby has a good life, and thatís it.. there is no 3rd thing.
The world ends and you can only save three people and yourself. Who would you save: Gabby. Jim, and I donít know..
If you could kick anyone's ass, who would it be: TO MANY FUCKING PEOPLE.
If you could sleep with anyone in the world, who would it be: Just Jim.
Are you bored of this survey yet: Very much.
What is the meaning of life: there is none.
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