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leonardiddy (profile) wrote,
on 10-28-2005 at 11:04pm
Current mood: meh
Music: actually... listening to loveline i downloaded
Subject: ive got a bad disease/out from my brain is where i bleed
im ready to get disappointed with my halloween. and if its ended up bad all the previous years of my life i cant see it getting better this time. what with early applications taking time away from planning and finding TACKY 80S CLOTHES.

and i didnt go to the dance and my poor white linen pinstripe pants arent gonna get worn until uh the spring? :'(

today after school i had an hour until aids meals and looked around wondering what to do and came to the realization that i dont have friends. so i went home and did something... it was probably mostly driving that took up that hour.

i am however proud to say that i emptied my wallet and bought 11 dollars worth of gas today. at the bon air chevron on the way to novato, because the -ometer (what else would i call it) was too close to empty and then i brought it up to right around 1/4. and then on the way home i swear it jumped up and was above 1/4 and i really just cant trust my car. also it skids in the rain, eek.
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