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ImUgly (profile) wrote,
on 10-27-2005 at 9:24am
Music: texas chainsaw massacre(the ramones)
Subject: whoawhoa
I'm back! Toronto was rad. I went to the Toronto Zoo. I'd never been to a zoo before, so that was cool. That place was really big and it got annoying after a while lol. There's something you should know about Niagra Falls. It's way better in person. I heard we were going to see it, and I wasn't very excited. I was like "Eh, seen it a million times on TV and postcards." We got there and I was like "Holy Poop." Rode the Maid of the Mist. haha. Oh! It was really cool our hotel was connected to the mall. Their mall is huge, man. Like, I dunno, SIX floors!
Hahaha we were at the Toronto airport, and there was this yuppie getting his shoes shined! Oh, about that. The Tornonto airport's shoe shining stand actually has people working there. And holy shyt dude I swear to god these are the exact words that came out of his fucking mouth while he was talking on the phone: "....Yes, did you tell Consuelo to clean the pool and have the wine cabinet refilled? We're having guests over..." lmaolmao!
The only worst part about the trip is that I left my dad's fucking BRAND NEW RAZOR phone in the bathroom and he never got it back. There. I'm done talking about it.

I'm supposed to be packing. I'm going camping from today(Thursday) until Sunday. I still have no idea who I'm getting a ride with.
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