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SeraphimRhapsody (profile) wrote,
on 11-1-2005 at 11:59pm
Music: Don McLean
Subject: If you believe in Rock 'N Roll
So the way I see it, it's November 1st. While that may seem like something obvious, I've decided it means a little more.

See, what my problem (among many, I know) is that I let it build up. I have something I want to write and share and then just no time to write it up and post it. Then I put it off till the next day but by then I don't want to write it but have new things from that day that I want to type up. But traditionally and linearly I can't skip the first day and write the next day or it'll be out of order and not make sense and all that. So then I can't write the new day until I've done the first day and so on and so on. This thusly causes quite the backup. Months and months long unfortunately. And that leads me to the first. First of November. And I've decided yet again to let go of the baggage of holding out to writing the first day and just start with now again.

That's why this keeps happening.

I realize you all've missed out on my move-in and adjusting up here and all the little goings on and such. Big stuff. Sorry. I really miss keeping in touch and the chatter and knowing all the inside stuff and closeness and all. I don't want the distance, I want the closeness. Same page.

What to say now? It's been so long. I feel so out of the loop. So you all must feel so out of my loop too. Let me try then neh?

14 hour drive up. So painful. 8 hours to Gainesville with layover there. Funstuff. 6 hours to Atlanta. I was pretty sick for most of the drive, curled in a ball in the front seat with the same cd playing over and over and over and over for hours. Dad kinda got sick of that since I used the car cd player....but at least it was good music..heh. Yay Something Corporate!
Oh, the hurricane was coming. So mom stayed home with Katie. Good thing for some part, less stress and more easygoing. But sad too. Wanted her to be there when I moved in. Just that moment.

The few days of settling in were usual. Roommate and her parents were here; they were pretty nice though the dad was kinda scary. Well, all the girls and their parents were here. First day perceptions of everyone and basically all turned out to be pretty wrong but twas interesting. I forget how small my dad seems compared to other dads in physique. But he was right in there on the lofting bed situation and had all the tools in hand working away lifting stuff and figuring stuff out above any of the other parents. So odd. But mom wasn't there to do the mom stuff. I had to ask Sarah (roommate)'s mom to help me line the drawers and what I should do with certain girly things and all. Really made me sad.
Eventually all settled and the first few days of settling in and all. Took a while to orient with the girls and get used to everything, still not used to everything, but it works. Practically none of them had done sleep-away camp and a few had never even heard of it before. That's why I think being away like this is a bit easier for me. Three years of a couple weeks away from home and all. That and home was crappy a lot of the time. But the other girls were really homesick and crying all the time and upset and all. Did what I could to help them. Not to say that I wasn't sad and homesick. I just couldn't feel it. It took a lot longer to register and then I just couldn't cry. For some reason especially not in front of the other girls. I don't think any of them have seen me cry yet even now.

The best of the freshman events, of which there were few, was Songfest! Now Amy can go on and on about this but I've got the bragging rights. See for Songfest, each residence hall has to learn songs with the words changed to fit the school and such and corresponding dances and all. It's so much fun. SO On the big day of Songfest, my res hall (I'm in Thomas Hall but it's connected to Hopkins and Smith so we're called Complex) was heading down to the field and I turned around and the whole pathway form where I was all the way back to the dorm was swarmed with our group. Like hundreds. It was crazy. Loved it! Amy's res hall did awesomely well, they were quite close to beating us......but in the end we totally showed everyone how to do it and Complex won Songfest for the second year in a row. It was such an amazing feeling, I love competing like that. All the adrenaline and cheering and winning. Hehehe
There are definitely some major bragging rights with this. Oh man I simply cannot let this go. ^_________^

My classes are pretty good. I've got Biology with lab which apparently is supposed to be impossible and a huge weedout class since I'm at the pre-med school. Meh. But I enjoy bio. Psychology is technically biopsychology it seems....but it's amazingly interesting. Just really difficult multiple-multiple choice tests. Stats and Probability is pretty easy, an annoying General Education Requirement. Freshman Seminar called Suffering, Healing, and Redemption which I call a religion/psych mix since it's uber philosophical and psychological but is technically a religion/jewish studies course. The teacher is a rabbi-ish's really weird to learn from his point of view. But in October I literally had two full weeks off of the class due to Jewish holidays. It was excellent! I really like that class, just no grades but the final paper so I'm a bit iffy now on how this paper will turn out. No idea how he grades. Plus a FAME (Freshman Advisoring Mentor thingymabob) that I had to do for 6 weeks. Quite annoying. If you weren't around when I was venting about the trip they made us go group had to go to Savannah for one Saturday early in school. 4 hour drive. I'm so not a car person like that. Ugh painful. Plus a lot of music: Wind Ensemble (winds + brass + perc), Percussion Ensemble, private lesson. Yeah, I declared music as my current major, doubled with an undecided. That way I get free private lessons. Otherwise the lessons would be $800 A SEMESTER!!! Horrific. So that's where I'm at with that.

As far as clubs go I've been sucked into the Billiards club mainly. That's so much fun! I absolutely love it! They taught me how to hold the cue and all the differerent details and I'm actually pretty good! It's fun.
Also in Outdoor Emory but no luck on making any trips. Looking forward to learning to waterski. And go rock climbing and caving and maybe rafting and such.
Then I'm signed up for Art Club, Culinary Club, Astronomy Club, Volunteer Emory, Fencing, and Greek info......heh. Haven't made any of those meetings yet though. ^^"

Next update: Parent's Weekend, Birthday, Girls, Anime.
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