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leonardiddy (profile) wrote,
on 11-2-2005 at 9:23pm
Current mood: lazy
Music: uhhhh something by bach i was just playing really cool huh
Subject: dreams
some recent dreams or parts of dreams of mine:
*my cat killing a mouse, and i was like oh god that poor mouse because cats take forever to do that stuff but then whiskers (that is his name) killed it quickly with a knife and i was semi-relieved
*my mom said one of my birds was dead and i was semi-bummed and then i went down to see them and they were both alive yay!
*my grandpa (the one that just died) and i were like in go-carts but they were really sort of just boxes with wheels and then the evil bad guys killed him by dropping stuff from up high and then i was creeped out and was at some point wandering around a hotel trying to get the bad guys

and umm... im sure theres some other parts that werent about death that i just forgot

also, in life:
"dad, did you kidnap the guittard chocolate chips that were in the pantry yesterday?"
"they're in the tv room. do you want them?"
"what do you want them for?"
"to... put up my nose"
"no, really, what do you want them for?"
"well, i was thinking of ingesting them..."
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