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ImUgly (profile) wrote,
on 11-3-2005 at 8:15pm
Music: ball & chain(social distortion)
Subject: take this ball and chain
"There was no difference between a saint and a sinner in the skin, in the flesh. It all came from the sweet blood inside. It all came from the tender truth hidden deep inside. The difference between the two was a thin, wavering gentle line. It might change in the heart with each lulling beat. It might change the soft time it takes to breathe... Maybe it's not a thing that is easy to see or feel. Maybe it isn't exactly clean how your heart beats, good or evil, dishonest or sweet, until it's your time all alone in the dark, listening to the quiet whisper of your own lonely heart, the empty thump of your own fears shivering like an ol' kettle drum, bent and rusted and warped all wrong, or the distant murmur of all your hope, the lonely lullaby of a hula girl's song."

That's the ending of a book I just finished. I liked it a lot. I read that part maybe six times then decided to post it here. I hope you like it too.
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