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dmlxoxo (profile) wrote,
on 11-3-2005 at 10:43pm
Current mood: cranky
so pretty much, i fell off the face of the woohu earth without even realizing it.
i have so much to say and i just have kept putting it off because it keeps piling up and i dont even know where to begin, so for now, ill keep it short and sweet just to bring myself back into the world.

it was just tonight while talking to steph online when i remembered that this was somewhere to express my emotions, a real outlet (not as if i didnt already know that), but she made me reread one of my posts and i started to tear. its amazing how logging emotions and parts of life into this thing can be so strong. i completely forgot about half the stuff i wrote from last year:
POINT PROVEN- i need this, because if reading something from just 6 months ago could affect me so much, i cant imagine what ill do when im 20 and i read this stuff from high school.

its more powerful than we all think.

anyway, im back.
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