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moonshinehommie (profile) wrote,
on 11-4-2005 at 12:18am
Music: halo killings
Subject: ahh to be home

well finally I am home after working for twelve hours today...which is great money wise but im sick of howies. I got really sick on monday...which was mostly self-induced....but I got really really sick, I couldn't get off the couch or barely move it was horrible I had to actually call in to work...which is hard for me...seems how I haven't taken a sick day in about a year and a half. But on the plus side since I didn't work on tuesday I am not working nine days in a row!!

He's playing x-box live halo's nice though cause this way I get to be on the internet and he can't say anything about it because he's got his own thing....

well thats it for today not much
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