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blair (profile) wrote,
on 11-5-2005 at 9:26pm
Music: Baba Yetu; Christopher Tin [Civilization IV].
Subject: life.
I was asked post so that everyone knows I'm still alive.

Who has cingular? 'cause I'm going to turn into a bigger phone person than I am and make use of free calls with people in-network. So far this includes my grandma, my soul mate, the boy I'm crazy about, one of the nicest friends in my life, a boy who's crazy about me, etc.

I got a new phone. the Motorola ROKR. hurrah. I'm lovin' it. Not so much of an iTunes person. and iTunes is not as easy as apple's shit usually is, so I guess it's a step up.

I watched America's Next Top Model last week, where they imitated 40s pin up girls. hot stuff, I tell you. and that's the kind of stuff I'm so natural with. I just need to lose more weight and have a more clear complexion before I could model. ha.

One of the guys I dated is getting rave reviews with his music. It makes me smile. I put some of his stuff in my phone. I threw in an Adema song 'cause I love Mikey, and a Strung Out song 'cause I met Jay. Blink 'cause it's so old-school bad-ass. Can you believe Travis with his "we're over" statement. You've been living on the moon if you weren't aware of Blink's status. But maybe people just aren't in on the know. it's weird being friends of friends of people in the entertainment industry. it's usually a bunch of bullshit that doesn't matter. rarely it's anything more.

there are 100 songs on my cell phone and I'm in love. it's almost an unnatural love. tomorrow morning I'm cleaning house. Monday, after Brandon's student of the month assembly and a bunch of work, my grandma is taking me to dinner so we can talk. I love my relatives and wish I spent more time with them. I'm going to call my step-grandmother about making thanksgiving plans with her.

Geeze, I'm listening to some of the music from Civilization IV. I'm really impressed. any of you guys played the game? I know it was highly anticipated and has received rave reviews. I'm always extremely impressed with this guy's music, though. I won't buy the game but this music is goodddd.

and you can bet that on Monday at work, I'll be making everyone listen to it. <3
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