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nny (profile) wrote,
on 11-6-2005 at 2:14pm
Music: My cat meowing.
Subject: I feel better now...
Well today after church my father and I went on an adventure to see who exactly hated us after last night. Well, it turned out Kelsey's fam was the only ones so we ventured to her house to apologize. I was SCARED TO DEATH. 0.0 I had her dad as a math teacher, I know how beastly he can be. Well, we went and it actually wans't really that bad. They said Kelsey was in trouble for her own reasons, and it wasn't my fault, and they said that they appreciated that we apologized. So basicly Kelsye was just being a drama queen. Oh well, I hope now she can forgive me too.

Damn cos-play pictures!!!!! I'll have to find another way to post them...
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