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bunsofsteel (profile) wrote,
on 11-7-2005 at 7:17pm
Current mood: pissed off
Music: lost the sea - eisley
Subject: eff you
dietcokeislove88: my innerds hurt real bad
black 7hought: aww
black 7hought: :-(
dietcokeislove88: stupoid boys
dietcokeislove88: :'(
black 7hought: what happened?
dietcokeislove88: i just trust too eaily. and get my hopes up over nothing at all
black 7hought: why do u say that?
dietcokeislove88: my best friend
dietcokeislove88: he brings up our past yesterday
dietcokeislove88: and i just flop over like him hurting me dosent matter
dietcokeislove88: and im still like
dietcokeislove88: im still in love with you
dietcokeislove88: and hes like
dietcokeislove88: well i dont feel that way at all anymore. and i said then why do you look at me that way and hung me and touch me the way that you do
dietcokeislove88: so today he treats me like i have the pleiuge
dietcokeislove88: dosent even hug me or anything
black 7hought: o wow
black 7hought: :-(
black 7hought: im sorry lindsay
dietcokeislove88: me too jorge
dietcokeislove88: why cant he be more like you
dietcokeislove88: more.. nice.
dietcokeislove88: i deserve someobe nice
black 7hought: you do

you know what.. FUCK. SHIT. DAMN.
yeah god. what now. you hurt me i'll hurt you.

just. stop hurting me ryan. stop making me cry. stop makeing me feel like a worthless peice of shit.
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