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spacietraci (profile) wrote,
on 11-8-2005 at 9:46am
well i finially have gotten to talk to brandin, he is alive and what not, but of course he came up here about 3 weeks ago for his cousin wedding and didnt even call, damn him. but i had to forgive him because he was with his girlfriend so he was kinda liable in a way but he could of at least called. But hes coming home again but not until feb. thats a long time away though, soo we just have to wait. He said he Promises that he will come see me and we will go out and do something even if he brings his girlfriend with him. he is going to leave her at home... lol sillly him. i miss him though..
Nick is coming home this weekend so im excited i hate him being in chicago, but he's comin home on friday and i guess on saturday he is goin to canada but i hope he has ALOT Of FUN. he asked for me to go with but i have to work soo BOOOOO work..
Kane tell ur sister congratulations on the engagement and what not, her picture looked very well in the paper the other day but what is going on with her and him at the Gull LAKE COUNTRY CLUB??? it seemed kinda odd.. oh wait he is kinda odd ... lol well i hope things are getting less stressful each and every day. i miss you and love ya ..

well i gotta get working on something in class , since im sitting in english class doing my journal and not my paper.. oppps. oh well damn that 10 to 12 page paper.
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