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Beagle147 (profile) wrote,
on 11-8-2005 at 10:22am
Current mood: sleepy
Music: "Story of a Girl"
Ok, boys and girls, how about an update? Now that I've had a chance to take a breath, I can finally break down the last month for your viewing pleasure.

Let's start around October twenty-something-st. I went to Halloween Horror Nights with Gabe, his parents, Joe, Cesar, their aunt and uncle, and Gabe's friend Mike. It was a little crazy, but really fun. Halloween Horror Nights is scary! There were guys with chain saws everywhere, and people that jump out from the bushes, and really scary haunted houses. I spent half my time with Cesar guarding me from chain saw men, and the other half attached to Gabe's arm. I was the only girl there too, not counting adult-ish people. But it was still really fun!

So let's see, what else...I think it was that next week that I had a GAZILLION TESTS, and that sucked. Way to drain my social life there. I had no classes that friday, so Will and I drove to O-Town to pick up my prize from ORock. Long trip, but winning a prize and not picking it up is really bad Karma. We stopped at the Golf Channel on the way back to see all of will's old coworkers.. We ended up on an officially unofficial tour of the golf channel that lasted about an hour. Then we hit gridlock traffic in Ocala on the way back. So, long story short, Will missed an extra credit focus group for his RTV class. I felt really bad, even though it wasn't my fault, because we had gone down there to pick up my game, so I did the alternative extra credit assignment for him. So now I know about technodistortions in political advertising.

The next weekend was Florida Georgia, affectionately known as the largest outdoor coctail party. I hitched a ride with some girls on my floor, and they dropped me off at the landing. After about an hour of wandering the landing by myself, I caught up with Will, and we grabbed something to eat and then headed over to the stadium. We met up with Mike and Burke outside the stadium and wandered around to see everything there. Lots of tailgating activities. We spent a fair bit of time trash-talking, and then went inside. Our section was awesome. We were literally directly in the middle of the endzone. Our section was the division between the two sides, which meant that it was half Florida and half Georgia. Ohhh man, crazy antics. The game was amazing (though really really cold) and we won 14-10. Go gators! After the game Will and I headed back to the landing, and hing out there for a bit. Then we went to the beach house with Andy, Jason, Angel, and Amy. Lots of people, small car. I had to sit on Will. We stopped at Wendys, and then managed to actually get to the beach house. At that point, Will-Kyle had gotten out of jail, and was looking to go out on the town. Ok, fine. I'll tell you why Will-Kyle was in jail. Apparently, the night before (Friday) there was a large party at Will-Kyle and Jason's house. This is not surprising. So one of their bitchy neighbors called the cops about the noise at about midnight. The cops showed up and issued a warning or whatever the hell cops do. No problem. Apparently they came back at about 4 AM and went into a room with Will-Kyle and Jason (and Andy snuck in to take pictures) and it ended with Jason running out of the room going Holy shit guys! Will just got arrested! And yes, in fact, there was Will-Kyle, in handcuffs, getting shoved into a police car. So he spent the night in jail. From what I've been told, he refused to sign whatever citation they were issuing him. More likely, he lipped off to the cop. So, back to Saturday night. Will-Kyle left with a couple of people, and the rest of us just kind of hung out at the house. It was still pretty early, so nothing really was going on. They still had a keg from last night, and we watched some of the other football games on TV. Then Emily and Katey came and picked me up, and we drove home.

Oh, I forgot, that Friday Adam came up! So I spent all day showing him around campus. We went out to lunch, went around campus a bit, watched the bats, and his parents took us out to dinner. Then we went to Gatornights, and I made Adam watch a rated R movie!! Gatornights was playing Wedding Crashers. XD He was mad at me, but it was totally worth it!

That sunday I spent all day working on stuff for Haunted Hume. It was so much work, between Sunday and Monday, but it really came together well. Our Harry Potter theme worked well, and although we didn't win, I think the kids really appreciated having a non-scary floor. The floors that won though, did a really good job. I have lots of pictures! XD

This past week was pretty uneventful, had a stats test, etc. Friday night my mom drove up. I drove down to Ocala and we went to dinner before driving to Orlando to pick Will up from the airport (he went to Chicago to interview with Sears). Note: Third trip to Orlando in three weekends. Got back to Gainesville around 3 AM-ish, and had to get up at 9 to return to Ocala for breakfast Saturday. We brought my mom up to Gainesville, and participated in some pre-game festivities. Kickoff was at 7:15, and it was an awesome game. We came sooo close to losing to Vanderbilt, which...come on, it's Vanderbilt, but we ended up winning 49-42 in double overtime. We left pretty much immediately after the game to take my mom back to Ocala, and then came right back to gainesville to party. I dropped Will, Mike, and Kurosh off at Courtyards for Liz's party, and then went over to Lakeside to hang out with Leah and Angie. At about quarter after three I went and picked up the guys at Courtyards. I dropped Mike off at North, then took Will and Kurosh to Pinetree. On my way back, I was driving north on Radio, and then turned east onto Museum, when I saw a cop turning south onto Radio. Then I saw him make a u-turn and then turn east onto Museum. I figured he was just waiting for me to speed, so I went 19 mph. Still, after following me for about 30 seconds, he flicked on the lights and pulled me over. I was kinda like wtf, but decided the best thing to do would be to be polite and whatnot. Keep in mind that it's about 4 AM on gameday, so I knew he was just waiting to bust me for a DUI. Lucky for me, all I had at lakeside was pizza. So the cop came over and asked for my license and whatnot, and of course I didn't have my insurance with me, but it was ok. I actually had to use the phrase "Is there a problem, officer?" He told me my headlight was out, which I knew, and I told him I was planning to get it fixed this week, which I am. I also told him that I didn't have my insurance cause it was in my other wallet because I really don't drive that much, and it's my brother's car. He kinda asked what I was doing in my brother's car, and I told him I was just coming back from dropping him off at his appartment. He asked if he had been out drinking and I said yes. He then said "You did a good thing," and I knew he was just gonna let me go then. He did ask if I had been drinking, but I told him no and he believed me. So he gave me back my license and let me on my merry way. I got to sleep finally around 4ish, only to wake up at 9 to go back to Ocala to see my mother off. We went out to breakfast again, and then she left back to boca, and Will and I went back to gainesville. I forget now why I didn't get a nap, but I didn't, so I took a 5 hour nap yesterday, and will probably take another, shorter nap today. Yay naps.

So, I think that's about it. I'll hopefully update sometime next week when I get back from South Carolina. Only two more weeks until Thanksgiving!! XD
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