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wiredshut (profile) wrote,
on 11-9-2005 at 4:45pm
Current mood: optimistic
Music: Within Temptation. Sometimes and Aquarious.
Subject: Weight, hair and sand in the bed.
well, i've lost 8 pounds so far in the last week and am feeling hopeful. i'm feeling like it's not to hard at the moment. worked out that if i lose weight at a healthy rate (which will slow down after the inital week) i will be down to my ideal weight for my height and build in 5 months. well its not that long if you think about it. and in that time my hair will have grown loads and i can't wait til its to my waist! i am determined to grow it that far. this also shouldn't be that hard as my hair grows so fast. Rach and Lee are coming over on the weekend so it should be a good one. Had an absolutely brilliant bonfire night with the afore mentioned two coming to that also, it was a beautiful night and a really good display. we hung out at the beach for a while afterwards and that was nice too but as the other two had a wrestling match i now have sand in my bed that is impossible to shift which must have sprung from various orifices of my two friends. so thank you v.much you two!
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