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chain-wolf (profile) wrote,
on 11-11-2005 at 12:02am
Current mood: uncomfortable
Music: Zeromancer: Lamp Halo
Subject: A Smudge Across A Bleak Canvas

I havn't been online in some time. I don't mean to inflict any level of sorrow on anyone I talk to regularly. I just havn't had the desire to step before the textual masses of those whom lurk over the net.

No need to worry; I am alive and breathing. Though I still feel the pressure inches from my throat.

I'm avoiding life right now, or trying. I have to gear up and go out into the real world and find a place to work so that I may have a source of income.

I still find it scary and cannot get over it. I have spent the entire span of this week playing World Of Warcraft; an MMORPG. (Mass Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game; for all you abreviate illiterate folks randomly stumbling over to read this inept post.)

I currently live a sad little "life"... if one could call it such. I feel drained. I feel like a smudge across a beautifully bleak canvas. Something that should not be.

I feel even more so pathetic for acting so pathetic. What the fuck me? I should hit myself upside the head.

But anyway.

Lets take a change here and talk about other crap! Music. Music is good.

In Flames new album will be coming out in February 7th '06. I can't wait for this release. I love this band. Woot.

Nightwish has cast out their singer Tarja. This makes me sad, even though her outlook on things displeased me. I didn't know she had been like she was. She has such an amazing voice. But I hope the best for Nightwish and Tarja in her solo career. This shall surely not be The End Of All Hope.

One of my favorite black metal bands of all time has decided to reform! All hail EMPEROR!!! I am VERY pleased with this.

Korn's new single "Twisted Transistor"... was something less than desire to hear. I agree with a lot of other people that they are going down the drain. None the less, I shall give their new album a listen when it comes out.

Achtung!! Rammstein's new CD should be good! I listened to the clips they had and the new video they shot for Benzin. Good, good, good! Can't wait to get this album either. Woot, woot. Specially since they have a new song and they use a mexican band in it. With the trumpets and shit. And it's sung in Spanish! .. What's better than german metal with mexican influence? And huge german's singing to you in spanish.. uh.. maybe a huge burrito with a keg of jager? Who knows! .....

And finally.. not too long ago KMFDM came out with a new album; "Hau Ruck" ... And I got that. Awesome. I really liked it. "New American Century" and "Professional Killer" are my favorite songs. Another smashing release by these guys.

Finally, finally. The Smashing Pumpkins may get back together?! Uh... that'd be cool. I really didn't like Billy's newest solo album. Personally, I thought his singing sounded terrible. Bleh.



I'm done.

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