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EyesOfCrystal (profile) wrote,
on 12-13-2005 at 4:15pm
What a boring frikin day! Jesus Christ, i do not know what i am going to do when Im done with school. If i dont get my scholarship i think i might just die. I go crazy over some weekends and summer imagine what will happen when im done with school.

As of now, i am playing Soul Calibur III, but i needed to take a break because i was on the brink of smashing either the playstation2, the controller, or the tv. And we dont want that. I have been trying to beat this frikin guy in the game for about 3 hours, i finally did....and then about 5 minutes later i got my ass whipped and lost the game. Then, i got lucky one more time and beat him again after about another hour, but then in the middle of the game, i set the controller down, reached over and got a drink of water, accidentally pulled out the controller, and i guess thats bad because once i did, the game stopped and went back to the main screen and i had to start over. Grrr. I hate when video games get hard.

*sigh* other than that i suppose things are going good. There is only a month and 7 days until my birthday. Yay! I turn 18! Not that its a super huge deal. Theres only so much more you can do at 18 and thats smoke, which i dont do, go to strip clubs, which i wont do much ;) haha, gamble, which i might do, and vote, which i will do. Oh, I do get to try to get my licence though, so hopefully i can get a car, but thats not looking like it will happen when i wanted it to. I guess i should stop hearing people wrong. Ohwell... thats al for now.

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