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wiredshut (profile) wrote,
on 11-14-2005 at 3:19pm
Current mood: weird
Music: slipknot
Subject: uhh- question thingy
7 things that scare me:
[1]never being loved
[5]dieing alone
[7]disappointing the people I love

7 things I like the most:
[3]yellow teddy (anyone think thats funny will die a painful death.)
[4]being lazy
[7]my room

7 important thing in my room:
[2]cd player
[7]computer will be

7 random facts about me:
[1]my nose is pierced
[2]my mind is nevver blank
[3]I obsess over random things
[4]I'm v.slightly OCD and also paranoid
[5]My favorite color is red
[6]my favourite shade is black
[7]I'm anti social

7 thing I want to do before I die:
[1]be loved
[3]make my friends happy
[4]be a respected fashion designer
[5]go to egypt
[6]live in a penthouse apartment designed by me

7 things that attract me to the opposite sex:
[5]can sit in silence comfortably
[7]a special flicker in my heart when i see them
(not in order)

7 things I say the most:
[1]what was i going to say?
[4]ha ha
[5]thats not funny
[6]i am starrrvvvving

7 celebrity crushes:
[1]nicole kidman
[2]ewan mgreggor
[3]eliza dushku
[4]jonny depp (in edward scissorhands)
[5]sandra bullock
[6]girl in coyote uly called rachel
[7]daniel radcliffe (shut up- i know your laughing!)

7 favorite drinks:
[3]green J2O
[5]apple juice
[6]pinapple juice

7 memorable television shows I watched when I was little:
[3]quantem leap
[4]star trek
[5]oaky doke
[6]sesame street
[7]the simpsons
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