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Beagle147 (profile) wrote,
on 11-14-2005 at 12:31am
Current mood: tired
Music: Elizabethtown Soundtrack
Subject: On the road again...
So. Went to South Carolina this weekend, as all devoted Gator fans should. We left Friday morning from my dorm and headed over to the Reitz Union so we could buy visors. I also bought a Gators sweatshirt, know, gotta have a Gators sweatshirt to go to South Carolina. Plus, I had two 25% off coupons, so the sweatshirt was only $39. So then we were on the road. (We being Me, Will, Emil, Pete, and Burke). We stopped somewhere in Georgia at Wendy's for lunch, and then got to our hotel in South Carolina around 6ish. We checked in, then asked the people at the front desk where there was a place with bars and stuff near campus and/or the stadium so we could have a plan if we didn't get tickets for the game. They gave us directions to a place called 5 Points, and we went there. We parked and decided to walk around a bit. We walked around USC campus, and they have this crazy awesome residence hall thing. Then we went back to 5 Points and went to this Irish Pub called Delaney's that was playing football and basketball, so we figured they would be playing the game Saturday. We had some food and whatnot, everyone got beers, but I figured we wouldn't be there long so I had water so I could drive. There was this crazy Irish singer at the pub, and Burke knew all the words (I knew only some) to all the songs, and all the motions and clapping and stuff, so it was really fun. Also I taught Will and Emil the cup game, and they enjoyed that. After Delaney's we kinda just went back to the hotel and crashed. Peter and Emil continuously spilled candy in the car, and it was beginning to get excessive. Hehe, so we fit 5 people in one hotel room (barely) and got some sleep.

Woke up around 9 the next morning with the plan to drive to the stadium, drop will and burke off so they could find tickets, then me, peter, and emil drive to 5 points and try to find a table in a sports bar. However, about 2 miles outside of the stadium, there were many people with signs requesting tickets, and zero people selling them. We decided to scrap the plan of trying to go to the game, seeing as how there would be no way to get 5 tickets, not to mention getting all 5 under $100 each. So we didn't split up, and all headed over to 5 points. We had to buy something at OOPS Co. to be able to park for more than 90 minutes, and then we grabbed something to eat at Groucho's, since nothing opened until 11. A random USC guy came up and started talking to us. We asked him where he was going to watch the game, and after a few minutes of indecision, he came back and recommended a place called Damon's, though he couldn't give us directions. We asked the Groucho's waiters, and they gave us pretty accurate southern directions, with landmarks like "Longhorns" and no street names. But we got there, and we got an awesome table. Damon's had TVs everywhere, including the bathrooms, with 5 huge screens in the room we were in, 3 of which played the UF-USC game, and 2 played the FSU-Clemson game. Apparently South Carolina dominated the state of Florida that day, and I don't really want to talk about it. But it was nice because our waitress didn't card (nor, it seems, did anyone in South Carolina), and I got a Yoengling, which was ok.. We all ordered ice cream sundaes at different intervals throughout the game, which was pretty funny, and then we hung our heads in shame as we left Damon's (playing a game of Pacman on the way out) and headed back to the hotel. We asked the desk guy where a good place for steak and pasta was, and he gave us directions to an Outback Steakhouse, which had an hour and twenty minutes wait, so we went to Chili's. Stupid Chili's messed up my order and put pickles in the sandwich, but whatever, I took them out. We went back to the hotel after dinner, and attempted to watch the Georgia-Auburn game, but lost interest since it had no bearing on our status anymore, and watched Mean Girls instead. After Mean Girls ended we walked over to the gas station to buy candy. Then we watched the end of the game and kinda chilled before going to bed.

Sunday we got up around 9, got breakfast, packed, and headed out. We made a stop at a Piggly Wiggly on Strom Thurmond Blvd because Pete had made all these claims about how shitty they were and how they had checkout ailes specifically for people paying with food stamps. Apparently, though, Pete was WAY off, as this was one of the classiest grocery stores any of us had ever been to. They did sell Steve Spurrier wine though. We made another stop in Walterboro, SC to go to Hobo Joe's to get fireworks. I was really pissed though, because Hobo Joe's closed on Sundays. So we had to go across the street to the Fireworks Superstore to get our fix. I bought things that don't blow up, but are still awesome. They're these little pellets, and you light them on fire, and then they turn into this little ash snake. I used to love them when I was little. Yes, I recognize that they are pussy fireworks, but I am not ashamed to admit that I am afraid of blowing things up. We got back on the road for a while, then stopped around 2:00 somewhere in Georgia....on Business 95 (I don't know either) to get some lunch. We ate at Ruby Tuesday, and Will made me get a Bison Burger. It was good, but again they screwed it up and put pickles on it. It was fine though, whatever. That was the last stop of the trip, and we made it back to Gainesville around 6:00. Really South Carolina is not that far away. When we used to drive to North Carolina and stay in Walterboro on the way up it seemed like forever, but that's because Florida is so damn long. We cut 4 1/2 hours off by leaving from Gainesville, and it only took about 7 hours, with a stop, to get to Columbia. Nice city too, with nice people. I wouldn't mind going back.

Here are some of the quotes that merited getting written down on the way up mostly, with some from the hotel room and the ride back.

"This candy's really good for you...well, except for the sugar." -Emil

Emil: Did you know body lice is worse than head lice?
Pete: Did you know I had chiggers? Yeah, when I was in Guatemala. It sucked ass.

"Do you think they use 'carpetbaggers' as an offensive term here?" -Emil

"Did you guys see the bungee jumping video? I don't want to give away the ending's really funny." -Pete

"Did you guys know it's a crime to pee on the Alamo?" -Emil

"I don't like sleeping in a car because the one time I did I thought I went blind." -Emil

"I want to see people who wear nothing but overalls. I've seen them. They have them in Alabama." -Emil

P: Did you guys used to play hide and seek when you were little?
E: Nah. We used to play "throw the wet sponge."

"I want to find a Piggly Wiggly with a whole checkout aisle just for food stamps." -Pete

P: (ours) Must be a really fat poltergeist.
E: Yeah, he bought us Swiss Cake Rolls once.

"That's why I sleep with my door locked and a freakin' dart." -Pete

Now, this one is interesting and is even funnier in context. We were talking about the cape that Mike wore to the Tennessee game, and Pete asked if Mike was a super hero. When we all gave him quizzical looks, he followed up with "I hope he's lightning man." Out of that conversation came the following quote:
"When you were kids did you ever want to get struck by lightning so that you could control lightning? What, am I the only one?" -Pete

Pete, to Emil: G'night, John-John.
Emil, to Pete: G'night, Yoha. Let's go dream of apples. Golden apples.

"We all know karma has a playful side." -Emil

"Is that how you spell failure, Pete? C-A-T-C-A....H?" -Will
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