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jeeber4u (profile) wrote,
on 11-14-2005 at 10:38pm
Beal: "Is it true that there is a cream at the OB/GYN that makes you girls cum?"

JagerBomb: "yes beal!!

and you'll be tickled to know that if you look in your junk email folder you can add inches to the peen, chicks will never be fat what with all the hydroxycut, breast size will soon quadruple due in part of bust enhancing cream, you can cover yourself in deer piss and kill at will, after the mighty hunt you can carve up your trophy meat prize with knives that will never need sharping, you will be happy to know that willy wonka has apparently created a gobstopper that will last FOREVER, and when your old and shitty ron popeil made hair in a can noone will know the better, you can increase your cars horsepower by 40% by installing a 10 dollar fan, real women are waiting to hear from you call NOW, a sticker will give you the best cell phone reception in the world, and jenny says you can eat all the food you want and still lose wieght!!!"

That conversation delivered!
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