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silverstar (profile) wrote,
on 11-16-2005 at 12:25am
Current mood: grumpy
Report Cards came today and I did surprisingly well! I would of made freakin honor roll if it wasnt for damn accounting! I just cant pay attention in that class, its so boring. Oh well i'm happy with it. Now i just hope i can keep my grades up because i'm already feeling the senioritis coming on and we still have 3 more 9 weeks to go! Tomorrow we only have half a day which is really gay because we get out at like 10:51 to be exact lol. Its for all the slacker seniors that didnt do their graduation project last year. I'm so glad that i passed mine last year cause i definitely dont feel like doing anything this year.
Last nite Bleu and i went to the mall. I attempted to do some christmas shopping and the only thing i bought was this thing for my gram. I just cant seem to get in the holiday spirit anymore. I dont know if its just because i'm older or what but its just not exciting anymore. I'm like give me money and i'll be happy! lol
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