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kunta (profile) wrote,
on 11-17-2005 at 4:36am
Current mood: awake
Music: Hollywood Undead
Subject: Days Go By...
Im in the mood for an update and since ive been at work for 15 hours, 1 hour to go , ive decided to type a little. Last Thrusday I ventured out to see the mrs. and low and behold I get in a accident. Some 18wheeler mutha fucka ran me right into a god damn ditch. I got knocked unconscience, broke a finger and bruised a rib or 2. no big deal, one way or another I was going to see my hunny even If I have to crawl there on my hands on knees. So I call her and explained what happened and before I could finish she was like, "where are you, im comming to get you." Now keep in mind we only been together for 3 weeks at this point. This is one hell of a girlfriend folks !!! So i spent 4 days with her down at school and I couldn't have been happier , minus the whol fact that I have to buy a new car because the contour has finally been laid to rest.

Nothing really else new going on, work, work and more work is bout it. Melissa comes home friday the 18th for thanksgiving break. Im mucho excited about that of course, Even though I will be working on thanksgiving, fuck it, I still get to spend time with her ! then she goes back to school for a week to finish the semester then comes home for a month !! I swear to god Im not gonna leave her side ;) but don't tell her that heh.

On a lighter note I might be moving yet again because the $850 rent is insane along with my other bills I just can't afford $1500 in bills a month, so I might try to find a smaller place for now by myself and have my mother move in with her brother and my aunt. Besides theres more jobs out that way for her then here so its better. The only problem is Im not giving up my dog and its hard to find a place that takes animals so bleh! I need to just find a 1 bedroom shit hole that cots like $150-200 a month so I can save up and buy my house this summer or maybe even next winter I dunno, but sometime in the very near future.

Alright im sick of typing and I know your sick of reading me ramble so fuck off and always, till next time kid-o's !
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