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speakyourmind22 (profile) wrote,
on 11-17-2005 at 8:47pm
Current mood: amused
Music: the dame heater..its f'in loud
Subject: Who falls asleep in the libaray back behidn the stacks, while studying.. for an hour......ME!! i am tired(havnet slept in a long time)
Havent updated in a while. School is killing me, so i am leaving this saturday for thanksgving break, i cant stand being here, so iam skipping out. anyways I passed my GSP! so now i dont have to worry about it, now i only need to get a B in media wriitng and my worries will be over! anyways i dont think i wrote this in here but iam a photo-ill major! haha the reason why i came to kent inthe first place, so iam doing that and i am not changing. i finally declared my minor in writing, so iam set, only a year and a semester to go. I know what I want to do and where i want to live, and that would be living in New York and being an art director for a magazine, until that happens i wont be happy. i swear everytime i update this is always about school, thats because thats all i do, i have no life, no love, just school and that is perfeclty ok with me (i guess).
I swaer in every class I have I find one person in every class that i just dont like and they find reasons to piss me off, or i find a reason to pick a fight with them...oh how i love to argue. This one kid in my poetry writing clas....we are going to fight. freakin ass hole who write for the stater....YEAH THE STATER SUCKS..there i got that out. by the way it is extremely cold here and it is anowing, i like winter, but ohio winter is another many days till summer break...who knows what iam doing this summer? Stayign here-taking classes, or finding an internships and staying here and extra semester! who knows i will figure it out. well i am out, watching the O.C. on taope delay
WHo eles is pissed Lauguna beach is over....and for some odd reason iam going to watch it again..and 'the hills'...oh reality tv about a bunch of rich white kids...i love it 1 ) b/c i will never be that rich(maybe) and 2) I will never be white (thank the lord,no offence)
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