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ImUgly (profile) wrote,
on 11-18-2005 at 10:33pm
Music: used to love her(voodoo glow skulls)
Subject: but i had to kill her
brett and mi padre are in vancouver now. they left yesterday afternoon. after they left, my mom took us to get our hair cut. im growing my hair out, so i just got it trimmed and that is why it doesnt look any different than before. my mom was still getting her hair cut, so laurie and i ran over to books a million to visit ashley. so we went in there and just kept lookin around, and i was like "maybe he gets off at 7" it was maybe 710 by then and we had seen him through the window 20 minutes earlier. i dunno what the point of that part of the story was because we found him anyways, so forget the stuff i just said. we hung around and ended up talking for like a half hour. that was really fun cuz i dont get to see my friends very often. well im going to gainesville now. laurie has to take the violas back to jan's and i gotta get some cds at the record store so adios muchachos.

ps. our living room is now being painted green! i must say i like it.
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