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ImUgly (profile) wrote,
on 11-19-2005 at 8:29pm
Music: nike-a-go-go(misfits), the chase(vincent valentine)
Subject: its a missile girl
hey so tonight i went to a show in g-ville. well part of one i guess. ashley invited me cuz vincent valentine is playing/has played/is going to play. they might be playing right this minute but i guess i wouldnt know, would i, since im not there anymore. :/ i got there at 445 and it started like 5 or 10 minutes to 6 and i had to leave at 615 since my mom was my only ride and she has to be in tampa at 930. only got to see one band play they were good. fading sound or something. the monistats, bth,the ups, and the whiskey dicks were supposed to play. when i was there they were saying whiskey dicks werent gonna show. um...took a few pics. now i just need to take 23 more to finish the film and get it developed heh. they were like "tonight's show is in 3-d" so i wore 3-d glasses the entire time and im still wearing them like the loser i am but i guess thats me, eh. oh also, a guy in a fedora complimented my trilby lol. probably the first person who didnt make fun of me by singing/dancing michael jackson haha.

i guess ill go to the flea market tomorrow. maybe drop by sally's. if anyone reads this, gimme a call im lonely. 352.854.8633. kbye.
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