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spacietraci (profile) wrote,
on 11-22-2005 at 10:39am
i know it seems like i havent posted at all but i reallly havent had a whole lot to say, Just keeping busy with school and work, and now that the hoildays are approaching fast trying to figure out where were going and what not. Right now i almost just want to get away for a couple of days go up and see my sister and grandma and everyone up in Muskegon. But for what i know is that were going to josh's mom which i am very unsure of right now....

Lets just say he isnt very happy with me right now, but he's just i guess under the mind set that the only reason im goin to katelyn's bday party is for me to see and hang out with kurtis. he asked me last night when i was going to get over kurt, but i asked him what does that have to do with him calling me. just because he calls me doesnt mean i havent gotten over him. THe only reason according to josh is that i got invited by katelyn to go to the party is because kurt told her to invite me. Thanks josh for making me feel not important to katelyn. So he is very upset because i told him i was going. He even tried telling me that i had to take his truck because my car was goin to be in the shop, and i asked him when he was going to inform me on that one, and he was likie well i wasnt. its goin in to get a car starter put on, so of course i asked him where that money was coming from. becuase i know for a fact i am not buying all of his presents for him family for christmas that is his obligation not mine. i have my own to worry about. I guess im just tired of supporting him, sorry for alll the bitchin i just really have to get it out..

I havent talk to Brandin at alllll... so i misss him again more then ever, i told courtney that maybe i will call him and go visit him to get away from this place for a little bit. because if i dont get away for even a night or a weekend . Something goin to happen and i can fully see it not being a good thing.

Nick isnt coming home for thanksgiving sooooooo SaD im goin to miss him, hes been home for everything important my bday and all the small hoildays its goin to be weird not to have him here.. i love ya

Kane is coming home so that is a wonderful thing. i havent seen her in what feels like forever. see what kind of trouble we can come up with.... US NEVER!!!!! go shoppin or out to eat or even both.
But class is almost over and i have to go find out how i did on my business law test hopefully very w ellllll!!!!!! Wish me LUCK
Happy Thanksgiving to EVERYONE
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