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kellilynn21 (profile) wrote,
on 11-22-2005 at 8:50pm
Current mood: Tired... Again.
Music: Hey Mama- Kanye West
Subject: Im Really Tired*
I just got home from hanging out with Ashley. We went to Alpine and went to the book store for like 3 hours lol. They have some pretty school stuff there… besides books lol. Then we went to Olive Garden. I pretty much ate like a pig, lol jk. I had… Fettuccini Alfrado, mmmmmh. It was funny cuz we went there wanting to get the soup and salad for whatever it is… $5.79 or whatever they advertise it for, and like before I could even say how much is the soup and salad, our waiter like read my mind and was like its $8.00. I was like oooohkay then. Then she like looks at me and Ash and was like do u need help with the menu, lol. We were like uuuhh no, lol. Then on our way back to Ashley’s, (I kinda think this was a had to be there thing) but earlier when we were leaving the book store Ashley was telling me how at school she always like almost gets run over and I was like ‘by cars?’ and Ashley was like ‘No, by cows!’ lol, so yeah on our way back to Ashley’s we were talking about how I should dress up like a cow and run her over and I was laughing so hard that I could like hardly drive. And I showed her that paint spill on Shaner. Every time I go by it I like crack up. Anyways: so yeah nothing to exciting for you guys to read but I had a fun night and that’s all that really matters lol.


Ya Know: Im Really Starting To Not Like You Anymore*
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