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freakishiyk (profile) wrote,
on 11-24-2005 at 12:49am
Current mood: why bother?
Thanksgiving is tomorrow. I love holidays, I can't help it...don't ask me to do otherwise. Well...except for a few now, like Valentine's Day...I'm kinda dreading it now. Whenever that holiday came around I never really had a boyfriend at that time that I could spend my time with personally, like face-to-face. Except one year but he was sick, and we were never serious it was just buddy-buddy kinda. And last year...well last year hurt. It just seems to get worse as time goes on, so maybe I should just give up on it... maybe just skip it. I mean, I'd love it if Mike did something nice...but he's got too much shit going on. I'll figure out something.

I have a second job now. I'll also be working at Panera Bread with mike on nights and Saturday. I just can't do the overtime at work anymore, it's horrible...but I do make so much more money with it. I'm still debating about it. At least with the warehouse I didn't loose Saturdays and made a lot more than minimum wage. $13.13 an hour vs. $6.25-$6.50 an hour...crap.

I'm just drained lately...It may not sound like a lot compared to other people, but I'm exhausted. I still have to figure out my schooling...there's no way I'm working 2 jobs the rest of my life. That will not happen, I don't care what it takes or what I'll have to's not happening, I work too damn hard right now.

Anyway I gotta wake up fairly early tomorrow and bake brownies so I'm gunna head for bed. Until then...fuck off and have a pleasant tomorrow.
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