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wiredshut (profile) wrote,
on 11-24-2005 at 2:02pm
Current mood: grumpy
Music: t.A.T.u
Subject: grouchy old me.
so, so tired. woke up so many times in the night all hot and sweaty with Sarah pressed up behind me with her arm round me, feeling uncomfortable and having to shove her off. it's been one of those horrible uncomfortable days whn you just want to sit. and do absolutely nothing else. i'm getting really caught up in fake smile again and drawing but i just cant be bothered to draw today. ive got p.d next and i forgot to bring in my design sheet. oh well. what a stupid thing to do. i was sent an extract from a story that my friend is writng with mattie and hell in (from fake smile) and i totally humiliated myself by crying in front of the other people in the art room. its almost full there now at lunch and it drives me up the wall. especially today where i am in rather an antisocial mood.i feel kind of grotty actually but aah well- ill live. last night was really good. rosie kept singing really soppy songs- half of which had memories and i nearly humiliated my self there to. oops. im feeling kind of emotional at the moment- must be teenage hormones. anyway- it was a really nice night as the people there were all really nice except for a few that kept to the back of the place so that was ok. dion was there and it wwas really sad because everyone knows how he feels about rosie and he kept looking at her so mournfully. we all had hot chocolate or cafe lattes and i had both- mm mmm. as you can see i am a boring old frog so i may as well go. oh and i found out that christmas lights going on are on the 2nd of dec. should be good i hope.
see ya.

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