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talithe (profile) wrote,
on 11-27-2005 at 5:33am
Subject: What have I been doing lately?
Playing Battlefield 2. That's the account I share with my boyfriend. Our first account was SK.Alliance - very aptly named if I do say so myself. As you can see we have over 300 hours together, not to mention our own separate accounts, since we started playing on the thirtieth of July. And I often wonder where my time goes.. we'll soon have the expansion pack and put countless more hours into that. w00t.

I've done a good amount of Christmas shopping so far, although I recently noticed that for every dollar I spend on family I spend about two on myself. (sigh) I just put $60 into a beatiful duvet cover, $30 into new pillows, and another $30 into new sheets to match the blanket. No, I did not need these, but damnit I have had my eye on the duvet cover, especially, for weeks. (another sigh) I then put another roughly $70 on things for myself (clothing, and girl-things). Well, I suppose it's close in the spending range, as I just realize I've spent about $110 between two family members, and looking to spend another $30-ish pretty soon. Large families suck though. I have five members not counting myself and then my boyfriend has five, and then his brother's girlfriend (whom I do feel minisculed-obligated to buy something for). And I already have, actually.

I transferred $400 out of savings into checking to buy these things, but then my car insurance came up, and then another thing came up, etc, etc. Not to mention I just spent $100+ on my mother's birthday a few weeks ago. Getting a little stressed financially wondering when my job will give me more hours so I can afford to do everything I've been doing lately. At this rate I won't have any money, and then I'll spend another long year saving up for some make-believe futuristic cause. (sighsigh)

I could snatch a few commissions off a brother's friend who has offered to pay me to draw some of his story characters. While that is enticing, the thought of drawing again is a little discouraging. Plus, to draw his characters would subtly imply that I read his story which will take at least an hour or two, and I tell myself that studying for college is all the spare time I can afford right now.

I have it planned out. To finish the guidebook before I have to return it, I will have to read fifty pages a day until December 6th - when it is due. I'll then have to check it out once more from the library and read the second book which I haven't yet touched and frankly don't have time to touch. Then on the eight or ninth I will drive down to the scary building to make sure that is the right place where I take my test, and hopefully by then I'll have my registration packet accepted. Then on the tenth I take my ACT - something I should have done years ago - and see how badly I scored. Once I get my scores, I'll then apply to the nearest college and go from there. It's nerve-wrecking.

I'll probably have to purchase a new car in the near future, as mine is beginning to worry me. And if I have to do that, I'd rather go all out and purchase my dream car, the beautiful Nissan 240SX. Although I don't nearly have the money to do any modding on it. Woe.

Well, it's pretty damn early. I'm going to watch a movie and then wait for my packages to come in the mail. Yippee.
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