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NNY (profile) wrote,
on 11-27-2005 at 8:08pm
Current mood: blah
Music: Venus Hum- Montana
Subject: I came... I saw... I ATE A 20 POUNDER! (Not by myself, mind you...)
Thanksgiving came and went in a blaze of fat. My dad, sister, Carlene (my sister's girlfriend), and I went over to my Aunt Marilyn's brother's house for dinner. It was really nice, it was out in the woods and had this homey and cozy atmosphere. The only thing was, IT WAS TOO DAMN COLD. It snowed through the whole dinner!!! It was quite something for Carlene though, she'd never seen snow. The only places she ever lived were Mexico and LA, so this was a big thing for her. She was really nice, I liked her a lot. She let me beat on my sister, and told me numerous stories about her pet chickens and how every animal she seemed to have, died at the jaws of a dog. 0.o She was awesome, however, and the food was really good. I think I had a better time with them then I would have had at my cousins house, so it was all gravy.... Speaking of which, I got Gungrave Overdose!!!!! WOOT!!!! It was awesome, but I swear, playing it makes you dumber. All you do is mindlessly shoot people over and over again. I think I scared Carlene when I started laughing maniacally while I played it... 0.o; Oh well! I like how at the end of every level it gives you a count of how many random people you killed....

Any way, my mom's birthday was yesterday, but she was still feeling a little depressed. My dad, sister, Carlene, and I took her out to eat at the Rock Bottom Brewery, and she appeared to have a good time. It was her first time meeting Carlene, and she really liked her, so I decided to break the news to her. I basically told her that Carlene and Katie were going out, and she broke down and cried. I really didn't expect it, but she did. I guess the reality of it all was too much for her or something.

By the way, did I tell you Cindy (Aunt Marilyn's brother's wife) ran over one of their cats? Yeah, she did. It was in a lot of pain. Poor thing.

School tomorrow. Bleh.

OK, well, that's all for now. Later cats.
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