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spacietraci (profile) wrote,
on 11-29-2005 at 10:41am
Well thanksgiving went alright i guess you could say we went to josh's and then up to muskegon to see my sister and my family. it was very good to see them and everything. I got to see Kane so that was all exciting i cant wait till she comes home for christmas break. and then Nick came home as well b ut his was a secert until he got almost to town so i was soo happy to see him, especially since things werent going so well between josh and i. so he always helps with things like that. I love him to DEATH.

I went to Katelyn's Bday party on saturday it was sooo good to see all of them. they really didnt think that i was going to come so it was a good surprise for them. I love them soo much and MIIISSSS THEM LIKE EVERYTHING.

i've been wondering how things would be right now if things were like they used to be with kurt and i. yes i still wonder all about that. i guess im not over him and i really wonder if i ever will be. is that bad? i guess he will just always be a part of me, that i just cant get rid of. something special i guess.
well class is about over, kane i hope things are getting soo much better for you.. i will talk to u soon... Love ya...
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